Wednesday October 9, 2019

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“Real Faith vs. Fantasy Faith”   I Corinthians 9:24-27 and Matthew 16:24-26

*A guide for your daily walk for a living faith. Start your day by spending 10 minutes with God!

*If you do not have a Bible at home, please take one from church.

Victorious over daunting circumstances

WEDNESDAY 10-9-19 Matthew 7:24-27

Jesus sounded like a wise coach when he said his followers should “hear these words of mine” and “put them into practice.” It’s not enough for the coach to draw up a winning play on a white board. We often hear that the players need to “execute” even the best game plan. Jesus, too, put emphasis on not just hearing but on doing. And in life, as in football, we “execute” amid the challenges and even chaos of events, not in a safe, sterile environment.

Can you recall a time when you had to put Jesus’ principles into practice during a “storm” in your life?

Jesus’ parable said if you do not build your faith on a solid foundation, then difficulties will certainly present a serious challenge to your faith. What choices and habits up to now have helped you build your faith on bedrock? Are there other “faith building” actions you want to pursue going forward?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, keep us from saying one thing with our words and another with our deeds. Help me to build a durable foundation of faith to withstand the most extreme circumstances, Amen.

June 6, 2020