Wednesday March 25, 2020

Church Without Walls Lenten Worship Live Stream!
Off Site Location
5:45 PM - 6:30 PM
                                                     “A Church Without Walls”

For Wednesday Lenten Worship we have decided to shift our regular worship to an on-line format.  At 6:45pm we invite and encourage you to gather together in your homes with your computer or smart phone and go to and give thanks to God, remember God’s promise of Jesus and his love, and hear an encouraging word for our lives.

Thus, we are not cancelling worship, but doing worship in a different way…being a church without walls. 

While a difficult decision we believe it is the right decision. And, because of the impact of our This Matters! Capital Campaign and our Campus Renewal, we have the technology to make a live streaming on-line worship happen! We are grateful.

July 14, 2020