October 31, 2020
About Us

Some comments about Butterfly Christian Preschool directly from our families past and present...

“…Thank you for welcoming my children! Being welcomed at their classroom door with hugs and smiles from the heart means so much. The teachers and staff are not just ‘teachers and staff,’ they are an extension of our family.”

“Growing up, I don’t recall mentioning my teachers in my nighttime prayers. Both my children ask for blessings for their teachers at Butterfly.”

“She radiates care, love, and enthusiasm each morning which is so great for my child, but it also warms my heart.”

“My son adores school, learns about himself and his world, but most importantly sees and feels God’s love and joy through each of you. It’s such a blessing to have such fabulous women adore your child as their own.”

“…your hard work makes such a difference in their lives and those of their family!”

“…it is hard to find words to describe the impact you all have made on my family….from the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

“…thank you for every single day you teach, care, and give so much attention and love to my daughter.”

“…thank you for taking such good care of our daughter. She yells BUTTERFLY every time we drive by the school!”

“…I love that you take the children outside so often—for picnics, hikes, and planting flowers. I love your gentle nature and maternal spirit.”

“The peace of mind that comes with knowing our daughter is in capable and loving hands cannot be expressed in words.”

“…they truly care for my child…and in that secure environment, children are able to become and explore their true selves. My son has flourished this year!”

WHERE you love somebody a whole lot, and you know that person loves you, that’s the most beautiful place in the world. –Ann Cameron