October 31, 2020
Dear Parents,

It is my joy and privilege to extend to your family our registration packet as we begin planning for the 2020-2021 school year. As I walk around campus daily, I observe children totally engaged in the learning process. Our toddlers revel in language acquisition, become acquainted with school procedures, begin the journey of self-responsibility, and learn to be in community with nurturing adults other than parents. Our twos soon realize that community is about becoming friends with others; that one’s body is capable of new and amazing feats; that stories and songs captivate ears and hearts; that the natural world is meant for exploration. Our three year olds learn they are part of a global community as children of the world. Their curriculum takes them around the globe sampling food, other cultures and customs, learning animals and plants indigenous to certain areas, all the while recognizing Butterfly feels like home! Our four and five year olds immerse themselves in literacy, letters and numbers, math and science concepts, imaginative and innovative play along with intriguing units of study. They leave us recognizing the early childhood community is one of joy, discovery, and friendship surrounded by teachers devoted to their best interests.

With all sincerity I can state I have never been part of a more dedicated staff. They love our children. What I haven’t mentioned is along with top tier teaching, I also see noses being wiped during a chapel lesson, a quick potty trip from the playground into the building rather than being told to wait, laps that are sat upon, foreheads being checked for fever, arms embracing a tearful child, listening ears dignifying a child’s concern, laughter at a little boy’s antics, and giggles of delight watching girls whirl and twirl in princess costumes! Here at Butterfly, childhood is both respected and protected.

The result? Children who are socially strong, emotionally secure, academically prepared for the years ahead…children who flourish.

If you are interested in learning more about Butterfly Christian Preschool, please call 512-327-6035 to schedule a tour and receive our registration packet.

Thank you for entrusting your child to us,
Jeanne Grevlos, Director Butterfly Christian Preschool