October 31, 2020
Preschool Staff
Jeanne Grevlos: Director 
Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education and Psychology

Jeanne Grevlos has spent over thirty years in education’s realm. Before coming to Butterfly, she previously directed two preschools, one in Texas, and one in Illinois. She also spent many years in the public school classroom, over time teaching Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, being named Teacher of the Year twice during those years. Jeanne has also led retreats, written and conducted bible studies for adults, been the keynote speaker at women’s gatherings, and mentored young moms and high school girls. 

She is married to Pastor Tom Grevlos and they have an adult son, Tommy, who resides in Chicago. Her other interests include conversation, travel, the arts, and walking her gentle Golden, Lucky. A favorite spot to while-away the days is Bear Lake, located in northern Michigan—home to her beloved parents, breathtaking sunrises, childhood memories, and crystal clear water.
Jeanne is grateful to have the opportunity to combine her passion for education, respect for childhood, and her love for God and God’s people as she serves this position.

 Claudia Newlands, Lead Teacher of the Toddlers

 Vicki Breslin, Toddlers Assistant

Jenny Moore: Twos Lead

Leslie Adair: Twos Assistant 

Lindsay Walsh, Threes Lead Teacher

 Doe Smith, Lead Teacher of the 4-Day Fours

 Alma Moreno, 4-Day Fours Assistant

 Tracy Gonzalez, Lead Teacher of the 5-Day Fours

Kathy Aylor, Floater

 Sandy Nielsen, Floater
Andrea Thompsen, Floater

 Michelle Carag, Operations Manager