Sunday August 26, 2018

Adult Ed – Four Sessions – Austin City Lutherans Pastor Tim Anderson
New Activity Center (gym)!
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
When: August 5, 12, 19, 26
Where: In the New Activity Center

“‘Unto the Least of These’ . . . Community Ministry in the 21st Century”

Overall: A study and discussion of congregational outreach ministry in the context of the 21st century’s increasing societal and economic inequalities, with specific attention given to Austin City Lutherans and its initiative for early childhood development in Southeast Austin.

Session #1 – Minority Point of View – Consideration of the minority voice and emphasis upon the Bible as a document written primarily from minority points of view. Egalitarianism—"reverse dominance hierarchy,” where a minority group struggles for equality within or against a larger dominant group—defined and explained.

Session #2 – The Biblical Call of Service – The first Bible story to make an impression upon you; Bible stories that you understand differently today than you did yesterday; the vocation of service as a minority point of view.

Session #3 – Give Kids a Chance – A closer look at Austin City Lutherans’ Southeast Austin initiative for early childhood development, with a focus on egalitarianism and service, with help from sociologist Robert Putnam, economist James Heckman, and others.

Session #4 – Jesus, Social Egalitarian – We follow Jesus to Samaria and the borderlands for unexpected human interaction. Where else might Jesus be leading us today in this world of folks different and diverse? Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says, “The more affluent a society becomes, the more individualistic it becomes.” We close with a renewed commitment to face-to-face, community service ministry “unto the least of these” as bold, subversive to the status quo, and kingdom-building.

Pr. Brad Highum, Abiding Love Lutheran Church/President, Austin City Lutherans says:
“The difference between churches that grow into the challenging context of coming years and those that continue to decline will boil down to one thing: a passion for mission that touches lives and makes life better in the wider world. As Community Development Director for Austin City Lutherans, Pr. Tim Anderson delivers an insightful study for congregations that want to engage the social and cultural challenges endemic in our communities, and he provides framework for congregations called to reach out in meaningful ministry with people in greatest need all around us.”

March 24, 2019