Sunday November 4, 2018

7th Parliament of the World’s Religions

Interested in attending the 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto Canada, Nov. 1-7 2018

·         Expected attendance: 10,000 people of all ages, from 80 nations, representing 200 unique spiritual backgrounds.

·         Over 500 programs offered in six major track areas (Women, Countering War, Climate, Indigenous People, the Next Generation and Justice)

·         The Parliament brings together the very best of faith traditions, beliefs and ceremonies for the world to experience and understand how these systems contribute to peace and restoration in the world.

·         Be inspired by singing, dancing, costumes, art, spiritual practices, action plans and conversation.

·         The First Parliament was in 1893 in Chicago, followed by 1993 in Chicago, 1999 in Africa, 2004 in Spain, 2009 in Australia, and 2015 in Salt Lake City.

·         Check out the web-site for more inspiration

·         Registration prices are for all 7 days or 3 days. Rates are discounted for groups of 5 – 9 and 10 or more. 

If you are interested attending this life changing event meet on August 29th at 7 pm at Shepherd of the Hills for an informational meeting or contact Rebecca  

May 25, 2019