Friday September 13, 2019

GPS - Grow, Pray, Study !!!!!!!!!!!!! Click for the Day's Questions

GPS--GROW…PRAY...STUDY         Sept. 8-14, 2019 

“Real Faith vs. Fantasy Faith”   I Corinthians 9:24-27 and Matthew 16:24-26

*A guide for your daily walk for a living faith. Start your day by spending 10 minutes with God!

*If you do not have a Bible at home, please take one from church.

Friday, Sept. 13    Practice does not make perfect, but…keep practicing!  I Timothy 4:8-16

Ø  What is the difference between training and trying?

Ø  How can our spiritual training get us into shape spiritually?

Ø  It is easy to get out of shape, out of practice…how can we combat this?

February 24, 2020