INsideOUT Friday Fun Night! FORMS

Starting September 22, 2019.

INTRODUCING…drumroll please!


Kid friendly  One week, go INSIDE the Bible for a story, take it OUT the next week in fun, interactive, ways through activities in the gym.

Parent friendly  you’re busy, we get it! Join us for breakfast at 9:30am and learning time from 10:00-10:30am.

Teacher friendly  Easy to plan lessons with animation, a bible story, and a follow up leaflet to take home.

Family friendly  Share whole group activities with your children and other adults, building a sense of community and easy to invite others!

Research backed  We know:

Children learn through story, experience, novelty, participation

Children’s lives are shaped not by accident but by intention

Parents still hold the position of highest influence

How we spend our time and with whom molds what we value


Consider yourself invited, embraced, and needed!


Because God needs us to grow the next generation. Our children need other children to feel like this is a place for them. They learn through their senses…what they see, hear, touch, and taste—literally and figuratively!

Whether you’ve been around lately or not, whether you’re new or familiar, whether you’re out of town a great deal or here every week…come join us! We’re family—ultimately. 

EVERY child needs to feel a sense of belonging to something bigger and greater, something that doesn’t measure and loves unconditionally. 

When we communicate this kind of God, we help a child build a house of rock, conviction, and resilience. As parents, this is our highest calling. 

Our kids need us!


August 8, 2020