The Reformation did not happen in a vortex! Emerging from the Middle Ages, humankind took a gigantic leap forward finding rebirth, renewal and creativity through numerous disciplines. In order to gain a greater appreciation for Martin Luther, we will explore his time in history!

Tuesday Night Schedule

5:45pm Fellowship - Slow down and engage.

6:00pm Meal - Resident chef DeeDee Eastwood cooks for us.

6:40pm Prayer - Gather for a Spirit-filled time of prayer and praise.

 6:50-7:30pm Learning - Share in the various learning  opportunities for all ages.

June 13 - Reforming Art

ADULTS - Come hear our Artist-in-Residence Nick Dertien reflect on the reformation of art during the time of Martin Luther. Nick is a graduate of UT Austin and earned his MFA from The Rhode Island School of Design.

YOUTH -  Faith Alive begins at 4:30!  Then we join in dinner and end with our own study upstairs.

CHILDREN -   Children learned to draw in MUCH different ways during the time of Martin Luther. But they became proficient at an early age!  Come and learn by hearing and doing.

June 20 - The Music

ADULTS - When Luther said, “Here I stand, I can do no other (and by the way, we are going to sing!)”, he unleashed a torrent of musical creativity that can be felt even to this day. Kevin McClure, Organist, Choirmaster and Lecturer at the Seminary of the Southwest and Director of Musical Arts here at Shepherd will conduct us!

YOUTH -  Contact Leah about fun trip to Johnson ranch.

CHILDREN -   Luther loved music…and children! We’ve found Austin musician Laura Freeman, founder of Hey Lolly Music, who specializes in shows for the whole family. Her albums have been recognized in Parenting Magazine. Come for a rainbowlicious, puddle-stomping, monster-marching good time!

June 27 - Community Life

ADULTS - Come prepare to engage our community on July 4th! We will build a float for the Westlake Fourth of July Parade, have a cookout, and enjoy root-beer floats!

YOUTH -  Faith Alive begins at 4:30!  Then we join in dinner and end with our own study upstairs.

CHILDREN -   The Market Square was a center for community life. Help build the float, or participate in crafts and activities reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Did you know lavender sachets helped people who didn’t bathe FOR DAYS….smell better?! Come make one!

July 4 - Freedom for all

ALL OF US! “For freedom Christ has set us free” Galatians 5:1 Join us in the 14th Annual City of Westlake Hills Parade! Dress in your patriotic best and bring the whole family to ride on the Shepherd of the Hills’ float, ride your bikes, or walk in the parade. Even the family dog is welcome! Let’s meet our neighbors and enjoy a wonderful 4th. Festivities following the parade include free food by Texas Honey Ham and Amy’s Ice Cream, live music and lots more. 

Meet at the Northstar Bank parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, July 4th. The parade starts at 9:00 a.m.

The Westlake Fire Department will lead the parade from the parking lot at Westlake Drive and back down on Reveille and concludes in the parking lot. The route is roughly 1 mile long.

July 11 - Literature

ADULTS - Martin Luther changed the standards of accessibility of our sacred literature for the masses. To look at how other literature reached common people during Renaissance times, come hear from Dr. Douglas Bruster  speak about the revolutionary playwright William Shakespeare. 

YOUTH -  If you aren’t on the Boundary Waters, come join us!

CHILDREN -   Literature and theater were becoming predominant. Small Wonders Puppet Theater is a traveling puppet show designed to entertain children young and old alike. Original, interactive, and fun! 10 reviews…all 5 stars!

July 18 - Technology

ADULTS - Martin Luther executed the world’s first mass-media-driven revolution. Luther didn’t just reimagine the Christian faith, he figured out how to share his vision through the innovative use and manipulation of a new communications technology: the printing press. Join us as Jon Sather shares his passion and knowledge of this technological breakthrough that literally changed the world.

YOUTH -  Come share your Boundary Waters experiences with us during dinner and prayer!

CHILDREN -   Come create…carve…build…print…and see how the masters of innovation began creating inventions we still use today!

July 25 - Christmas in July

ADULTS -  Christmas in July! Luther loved Christmas, a tradition with a rich history of how it came to be the celebration we know today. Join us as we hear from Dr. Brent Landau from the Religious Studies department at UT Austin about the history of Christmas.

YOUTH -  Faith Alive begins at 4:30!  Then we join in dinner and end with our own study upstairs.

CHILDREN -   Today is July 25, and Luther loved Christmas…so let’s celebrate it in July! Pack a box for a soldier, make a gift for a senior…lots of possibilities to serve and give!

September 25, 2018 Butterfly Christian Preschool