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  Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

It began with a vision in 1961 of someday organizing a new Lutheran congregation in the small community of West Lake Hills. For that purpose a piece of property located on Bee Cave Road was purchased by the Board of American Missions of the United Lutheran Church in America. By 1976 the increasing population growth in the West Lake Hills area indicated to church leaders that the time was right for the establishment of a new congregation. That year, Pastor Stephen Youngdahl began work as Pastor/Developer of the new LCA congregation. Within six months, worship services were being held, and within a year, Shepherd of the Hills became an official congregation of the Lutheran Church in America.

Even before formal organization, two decisions were made that would guide the church’s development. Benevolence would be a high commitment, starting at 10% of income and increasing each year. Rotation of leadership would be encouraged by limiting the terms of committee chairs and the time Council members must wait before they can serve again. These principals still guide Shepherd of the Hills today.
November 25, 2020