Volunteer Leadership

Our Church Council and Officers


Please hold the Church Council and these Officers in your prayers as they guide our ministry.
 Council Member Term Ends 
 Charlie Enochs 2021 
 Clay Johnson 2021 
 Rick Burnight 2021
 Craig Christenson 2021 
 Debra Ayoub 2020 
 Kaska Watson
 Judy Haugen
 Brooke DeVaney
 Tim Stein
 non-voting Youth Member - Elliot Stein
 non-voting Youth Member - Walt Gomes

The Church Council typically meets on the third Sunday of each month after the 10:45 am service.


Growing Participation Goal Team: Called by Christ, Shepherd of the Hills' mission is to Love, Grow and Serve together, filling your bucket, so you are never alone!
Team Leader: Cyndi Christenson

Strengthening Connections Goal Team : Our mission is to create opportunities for people to make connections and build spiritual friendships.
Team Leader: Karen Flint

Making Disciples Goal Team : Grow in knowledge and faith, witness to others, share will all.  
Team Leader: Milt Nielsen

Developing Missions Goal Team & Outreach Group
 : The Developing Missions Goal team works to support Feeding the hungry, caring for children and supporting mission.  The Outreach group is responsible for reviewing benevolence requests and recommending organizations ShepHills should support as well as the recommended contribution amount each year. With your help, the Outreach Group hopes to find ways for Shepherd of the Hills congregants to show our love to our neighbors in need.
Team Leaders: Mark Tate, Norma Smith and Linda Roesle

Stewarding for Growth Goal Team
The Stewardship Team provides strategic stewardship development guidance for resourcing the strategic goals of ShepHills "Vision 2020"
Team Leader: Larry Wikelius

Caring for God’s Creation
: The mission of this team is “to educate and motivate the congregation towards taking specific actions for the purpose of caring for God’s creation.”
Chairperson: Jeri Porter & Elaine Herrmann

Finance Team: This team supervises the drafting of the annual congregational budget, monitors expenditures, reviews insurance coverage, manages invested funds, keeps a monthly check on cash flow, examines the financial records of the congregation, and recruits and trains people who prepare the offerings for deposit in the bank.
Team Members - Karen Flint, Mark Tate, Trixi Spinelli, Craig Christenson, Sharon Collins, Bill Dawson


Personnel Committee:
Adelle Connors, Megan Hansen, Mark Tate, Mark Gerhardt and Larry Wikelius.

Butterfly Christian Preschool Board

The Butterfly Christian Preschool is an outreach program of our congregation for children 1 through 4 years of age. The school is in session from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with separate classes for each age group. Board members are elected by the Church Council from the congregational membership.
Chairperson: Sandy Wikelius

Endowment Board:
The Endowment Fund Board meets four times a year to oversee the investments and disbursements of the Endowment Fund for Benevolence. This Board is elected by, and reports to, the Church council with ratification of its election by the congregation.
Chairperson: Ron Bacon
November 25, 2020