What Exactly is the Point?

 The point is ... we ALL need Jesus.

How do we know this?  We've had some 2000 years of experience, but current research continues to validate our need for living for something beyond ourselves to feel grounded, purposeful, and connected to others.  All the other "stuff" of life is nice, but it doesn't satisfy our deepest yearnings.

To know someone well, is to know much more than facts, such as birthday, place of birth, parents' names, or even names of friends.

To know someone well means we know the stories defining a person's impact.

We learn Jesus by learning his stories.  When his stories begin to co-mingle with our own, we begin to impact a hurting world with kindness and compassion, just like Jesus.

And yes, that's precisely the point.

Families are busy... we know... but children still need Jesus.

Teen's extracurricular activities overtake their time... we know ... but teenagers still need Jesus.

The demands of career and life are constant ... we know ... but adults still need Jesus.

So come and see.  Join us for breakfast on a Sunday morning, conversation, and feel included.

Because that's the point, Jesus welcomed everyone.

November 25, 2020