Videos to watch
Pr. Adam's Jan 19, 2020 message describes "Jesus' dream for a beloved community"

Pr. Tom's Jan 12, 2020 message "Jesus' Dream for the Neighborhood"

Jan 5 2020 Malcolm & Joy Henderson from Haiti share the Message with Pr. Tom

Seminary Student and Youth Director Joel Timmons preaches about Simeon and Anna witnessing the Christ Child!

Pr. Tom's Christmas Eve Message - "A Beautiful Neighborhood"

Advent Reflection Week 2 - "Prepare the Fire" John the Baptist by newly called Pastor Lauren Dow Wegner!

Pr. Tom's Advent Reflection - Week 1 - "New Light, Old Tradition - Elizabeth & Zechariah"

Pr. Tom's Nov 10 2019 Message - "WE CHOOSE... Three Conversions of Faith"

Pr. Adam's All Saints Sunday Message (Nov 3 2019) - "We Love... Love in Action"

Pr. Tom's Reformation Sunday (Oct 27 2019) Message - "God Gives... Will We Receive?"

Pr. Tom's Oct 20 2019 Sermon Message - "God Chooses... Will We Respond?"

Pr. Tom's Oct 13, 2019 message guides us through God's Love - But are we listening?

Pr. Adam's October 6, 2019 Sermon gives us a look at "Redefining Greatness & Victory"

Pr. Tom's Sept. 29, 2019 message puts into biblical context "The Agony of Defeat".

Pr. Tom's Sept. 22, 2019 message describes "Godly Lessons from Great Coaches"

Pr. Tom's Sept. 15, 2019 message defines "Teamwork & the 12th Man"

Pr. Tom guides us "Step by Step"

Pr. Adam illustrates Faith @ Work as we recognize Labor Day

Mr. Crazy Hair blesses the new school year!

Pr. Tom's August 18, 2019 Message "Prayer for the Children"

Pr. Candice's Farewell Sermon - August 11, 2019

Pr. Tom's July 28 2019 Message - "The Christ Centered Ethic of Freedom"

Pr. Tom's July 21 2019 Message - "One Small STEP"

Pr. Candice Sermon - "Jesus & the Woman at the Well"

Guest Pastor Travis Fitzgold preaches "God's Word is our great heritage". 

Pr. Tom's June 30, 2019 Sermon message "Go and Remember to say Thank You!" 

Pr. Tom's June 23, 2019 Sermon - The Prodigal Son. 

Pr. Candice connects the Good Samaritan Parable to Father's Day! 

Pr. Tom explains "God's Agenda" on May 26, 2019 

Pr. Tom's message - "Alpha & Omega - God's Greek System" 

Guatemala Mission Trip (by Matthew DeVaney) 

Amazing time lapse video of Pr. Paul Oman's painting during Worship - April 7, 2019! 

Pr. Candice shows us "Impact" from the recent ShepHills Guatemala trip! 

Pr. Tom Grevlos' 3-24-19 sermon connects us with "Prepare Ye the way of the Lord"

Pr. Tom's 3-17-19 message "Nehemiah: God’s Problem-Solver…" 

Pr. Candice Ash Wednesday Sermon - "METANOIA" 

Butterfly Christian Preschool Sunday Sermon by Ms. Jeanne, Butterfly Christian Preschool Director - March 3, 2019 

Pr. Tom Grevlos' message "Daniel in Exile" - Feb 24, 2019


January 29, 2020