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A Just Sisters’ Conversation: Black Men, We See You

Saturday, April 22
10:00am – 2:00pm | Activity Center

Join us as we explore our calling as sisters in Christ to bring light to hard and difficult conversations so we may grow in unity, love, and justice.

In our country we have a long-standing practice of identifying, labeling, and scapegoating ”others” for our problems…someone to blame.  But the truth of the matter is that by doing so we fail to recognize how our own perceptions, judgments, and biases are the actual enemy, the enemy within ourselves. This conversation is an opportunity to hear the stories of two men who do life and business in Austin and their experiences within our community. After we hear their stories, we’ll share how their experiences impact us and explore how Jesus has actually called us to see each other and how to examine our own hearts and minds and discover his way of dealing with the ‘enemy within” each of us.

Our two storytellers will be Tyler Campbell, entrepreneur, speaker, and author, and Darrell Pierce, entrepreneur, lecturer, and business coach. They will share from personal experience their stories of injustice here at home.

Their moving stories will be followed by a theological reflection presented by Rev. Dedurie Kirk, a minister of the Word and an engineer for the city of Austin.

Small group table discussions will help you learn to talk compassionately and courageously about the racism issues still affecting our city and how as sisters in Christ we can support one another to bring Christ’s justice and equity to our world.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided! Please RSVP.