Happy Hour Chat Wednesdays!

Happy Hour Chat – Introducing the All are Welcome Task Force

Pastor Tom Grevlos along with members of the newly formed “All are Welcome” task force Ruby Cadenhead and Robert Spillar, discuss the work ahead for ShepHills to expand it’s welcoming presence in the context as a “Church without Walls”!

Happy Hour Chat – Butterfly Preschool Ministry

Pastor Tom Grevlos welcomes Preschool Director – Jeanne Grevlos along with Preschool board president – Clay Byrne and former preschool parent – Karen Flint as they talk about the impact of the Butterfly Christian Preschool ministry and the support from This Matters! Capital Campaign!

Happy Hour Chat – Regathering in the Sanctuary!

Pastors Lauren Dow Wegner and Tom Grevlos along with Bill Dawson, Executive Director of ShepHills discuss preparations and expectations for regathering in the Sanctuary on May 2, 2021!